Chrysalis Chronology   by Bob Miller

                         Chrysalis Chronology by Bob Miller



                 Chrysalis Chronology by Bob Miller

What's it about?

   For a hundred years, Chrysalis Chronology has been seeding the population with a genetic time bomb. Finally, in 2050, they are poised to release it on the world.
   Everyone has only two options: Pay or Die!
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About the author, Bob Miller

English was not his favorite subject. In fact, he's lucky that he even passed his high school english classes. And Bob only took the required English courses in college. But he did love to read; mysteries when he was young, but focusing on science fiction later. But he never considered writing even a short story once college was in his past. So it came as a surprise even to the author when, in 2012, he started writing his first novel, The Smart Kid. But, once he began, he couldn't stop. He was addicted to writing and the creative freedom it offered.


What is the intended age of the readers?
Teen to Adult.

Is this science fiction?

What's a 'Pentology'?
It is like a Trilogy, but two books longer.

Will the main character from The Smart Kid make an appearance in Chrysalis Chronology?
Yes. Michael Shale and each main character from the first four books has an important role in this final battle against the Empire of Evil.

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