Chrysalis Chronology Sci-Fi Series

Pentalogy Description:

Chrysalis Chronology, Int. was founded by five, wealthy, old industrialists born in the late 1800s who wanted to travel to the future to realize their dream of transforming the U.S., like a caterpillar to a butterfly, from a free democracy into a utopian police state that is designed, controlled and owned by them.

Using technology stolen from the future, the Founders silently travel in a sleep stasis, from 1940 to 2050, in their biologically-based Chrysalis Chambers, while their genetically-engineered Chronicity Chromosomes propagate throughout the unknowing population to create naturally occurring mutants with specific powers required by the company to fulfill their goal of ultimate power and control.

Now, all that Chrysalis Chronology has to do, is to force this unusual cadre of artificially engineered freaks to join them...after they catch them.

The Smart Kid, Michael Shale, has a unique biological anomaly that has caught the attention of an evil politician, backed by Chrysalis Chronology, who will stop at nothing to capture and control him.
The Time Leaper, Tim Long, with power to travel through his memories, possesses the only way to transfer messages from the future to the past, so Chrysalis Chronology must control him at any expense.
The Proxy Agent, Valentino Harris, an angry rebel, can force his consciousness into the mind of unwilling hosts to do the bidding of Chrysalis Chronology for their own evil agenda.
The Sleep Jumper, Nick Reisender, is an ordinary gambler from 1975 who, in an attempt to pay off a gambling debt, mixes his future with the descendants of the Founders. He can’t go back, so his only option is to try changing the course of the un-stoppable machinery of Chrysalis Chronology.
The final book, Chrysalis Chronology, Int, chronicles the entire evil scheme of the company, from it’s futuristic origin through it’s patient genetic seeding of the population over decades to grow modified humans who exist solely to serve the greedy goals of the megalomaniacs who will finally emerge from their
Chrysalis Chambers and profit from their century-old plans for complete cultural control.



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