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Chrysalizer Research Archiver Instructions   

Free research & note software for writing projects.    Download Software v1.0 for Mac or Windows
Benefits of the Chrysalizer Research Software
• Save any number of writing projects in the Chrysalizer until they are fully grown.    • Store the context and/or excerpts from the writing project.    • Easily copy snippets of writing to digital note cards.    • One-Click Web Search in Category, Topic, and Subject fields. • Easy web search of any highlighted phrase.    • Save notes, document links, web links, and media: graphics, video or audio.    • Easily export to printer or email.    • Watch Intro video    Chrysalizer Main screen


Chrysalizer Software version 1.0

About Bob Miller

Bob is a new author.
This website is dedicated to his pentalogy: Chrysalis Chronology.
Each of the 5 books describe a different goal for XXi to transform the world to the view of the Founders.

The first book is The Smart Kid .