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Chrysalizer Research Archiver Instructions

Free research & note software for writing projects. Chrysalizer Main screen

Chrysalizer Research Software
A Chrysalizer is a place to grow a writing project until it is ready to fly on its own.
The main purpose of the Chrysalizer software is to store research for all of your writing projects.
You can store any number of writing projects and keep them all distinct from each other,
although, if desired, you may easily flip between projects.

The main data screen is divided into two sections:
The Project Controller on the left, and the Note Card stack on the right.

The buttons along the top black bar will perform functions outside of this screen.
[Chrysalizer] button Click to check the version number of current software
[1.0] button Click to check for a new update.
[X] checkbox Check box to automatically check for update
[Project List] Switch to list view screen.

Project Control buttons:
[+] Add - Click the + to create a project.
If the project is new, set the Project Selector to 'All Projects,'
and new records/folders will automatically be called 'untitled project.'
Otherwise, new records will receive the project name on the Project Selector.
[X] Delete - Click to Delete the current folder.
Below the 'Add' and 'Del' buttons, the Record # counter displays
'#' - The current record number.
'Sub-set' - The current subset. If the records are limited to a sub-set, this number will be red. Click it to remove the sub-set and show all records.
'Total' - displays the total number of records in Chrysalizer.
[Project]- Any project folder can be renamed at any time.
All project names will be available to select from the Project Selector drop-down menu.
Any writing project can have any number of project records (or folders)
[Category] - Use this field to describe the main type of research saved in the folder.
Each record can be labeled with a different category.
For example, your writing project may require that you do research on History, Dialects, and Technology.
Each of the records can be labeled according to the main research category.
These Category descriptions are shareable between different writing projects.
So, if you create a 'History' category in one writing project, it will be available
in the drop-down menu of Category choices in every writing project.
[Topics] - For each record (folder), you may also tag them with Topic descriptions.
For example, if you are saving research in the History category, you can further describe the topics with words such as "1960s", "JFK", "Moon Landing," etc.
Topic descriptions are unique to each Project. They will not be shared across multiple projects.
[Web Search] - Note the web search buttons (world icon) beside the Category and Topic fields. Click to search terms typed into those fields. A separate web search window will open. See a description of the Chrysalis Web Search window here.
[Description or Excerpt] - In most cases, research will refer to a certain passage, page, or scene in your project. You may paste in the specific passage in this field.
For larger passages, you may reveal a larger excerpt field by clicking on the 'Excerpt' tab, (at the top beside the 'Context' tab,)



Chrysalizer Software version 1.0

About Bob Miller

Bob is a new author.
This website is dedicated to his pentalogy: Chrysalis Chronology.
Each of the 5 books describe a different goal for XXi to transform the world to the view of the Founders.

The first book is The Smart Kid .