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Chrysalizer Research Archiver Instructions

Free research & note software for writing projects. Chrysalizer Main screen

Chrysalizer Research Software
A Chrysalizer is a place to grow a writing project until it is ready to fly on its own. Store any number of writing projects and keep them all distinct from each other.

The main data screen is divided into two sections:
The Project Controller on the left, and the Note Card stack on the right (shown).

The buttons along the top black bar will perform functions outside of this screen.
[Search Selection] - Any highlighted text will be used for a web search. Highlight, then click the button to open the Web Search Window.
[Send by Email] - All Note Cards of the current record will be assembled into an email message. And the email program will be opened.
[Project Report] - All Note Cards of the current record will be assembled into a printed report. And the printer program for the computer will be opened.

Every writing project can have an unlimited number of records (folders). Each record can have an unlimited number of Note Cards.
There are three types of cards:
Notes - for general notes.
Documents - containing web links and a container field for images and videos.
Media - The same as the Documents card, but intended for pics, video and audio.

Notes - This card has three fields: Date, Subject and Note.
Use the date field to store either the date when the note was recorded
or the date that the research refers to.
The subject field has a web search button.
Click the web search button (world) to open the Chrysalis Web Search window here.


Chrysalizer Software version 1.0

About Bob Miller

Bob is a new author.
This website is dedicated to his pentalogy: Chrysalis Chronology.
Each of the 5 books describe a different goal for XXi to transform the world to the view of the Founders.

The first book is The Smart Kid .