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Chrysalizer Research Archiver Instructions

Free research & note software for writing projects. Chrysalizer Web Search window

Chrysalizer Web Search Window
Click any of the the web search buttons (world) to open the Chrysalis Web Search window

When you find a web page that you'd like to save, click on the 'Copy URL' button.
This will copy the web address to the computer clip board. Then you may paste it onto a note card in the Chrysalizer software.
   Chrysalizer Digital Note Cards

Chrysalizer Digital Note Cards
A project folder can have any number of digital note cards.
Use one note card for each web address, link, or research item.

Document Card is used for archiving a link to a digital document.
The Document Card has six fields:
[Container field] - Drag pics, videos or audio to store in this field.
[Title] - The title field has a web search button.
Anything typed in the field can be searched with a click.
[Year] - Enter the year (only) of the document reference.
[Author] - Author's name
[Location] - If relevant, you may enter city/state/country.
[Website] - Unlike the Title field which will perform a search on any data in it,
the Website field is expecting a web address and will link directly to it with a click.
[Note] - general note field.
Click the Trashcan icon to permanently delete a note card


Chrysalizer Software version 1.0

About Bob Miller

Bob is a new author.
This website is dedicated to his pentalogy: Chrysalis Chronology.
Each of the 5 books describe a different goal for XXi to transform the world to the view of the Founders.

The first book is The Smart Kid .